One-eyed selfie while rockin’ @ #BAM for the @chrisrobonline show accompanied by @ecussionist

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Interpretation of me by @kiki_elice (IG). What an HONOR!!


Well! I have #broccoli, #cauliflower, & yams w/ “Supremely Spicy”& “Artichoke/Spinach” hummus by Sabra. Veggies were seasoned with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt & lemon pepper and were lightly drizzled with olive oil.

It cooked A LOT quicker than expected or MAYBE, it was b/c I accidentally put the oven on 500° ….. :-• & Why you don’t see my kale chips present, lol! Either way, I learned the kale chips should be put on a separate sheet and taken out sooner than the other veg’s. #Taste??? Let’s just say, the plate is being eaten through now and there are all kinds of smudges on my screen :-D #HappyMoxie #VeganTreats #BetterThanABagOfTerraChips & #CheaperToo!


QUITE excited at the prospect of my homemade veggie and sweet potato chips! #Mmm! We’ll see what it’s looking like in about 45 min! #healthyeats #rawfood #vegan #inexpensive #easyhealthysnacks #YUM! Staying F.R.E.S.H! :-D





I am SO happy to share this natural hair gem with you all!!! In just a short amount of time Naturally Happy Hair has become one of THE newest and most popular natural hair magazines out there.

As you can see, the gorgeous India Benet is gracing this month’s cover. Not only…

Too HOT not to talk about it again!!

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